gin & kerosene (ugly_boy) wrote in linguaphiles,
gin & kerosene

Google's Indian typing tool

Google has launched a tool for typing Indian characters which can be used with Gmail, Blogger and their other tools.

Has there really not been a way to type in Tamil, Hindi, et al on the Internet? That's what the Google blog seems to say: “[T]here was one limitation that bothered me: my family members and friends who prefer to communicate in Hindi did not have an easy way to type and send email in their language of choice.” And from another blog entry, “Until now, there hasn't been a good way to send email to friends and family in Hindi, my native language and their language of choice.” OS X makes it pretty easy to type in a number of Indian languages in any application, and I'm assuming Windows has a solution. Somebody's writing all those Wikipedia articles.
Tags: asian languages, computer technology, computers, google, hindi, indic languages, indo-european, input methods, kannada, languages of india, links, multiple languages, symbols, tamil, writing, writing systems

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