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Help with translation

My mother asked me to do some translating into English for her, and I'm unfamiliar with the terminology, so I'd appreciate any help. She works in a kindergarten and there they have all day groups and children who stay for half a day (until lunch time). What is the correct term for the later? The kindergarten she works in is also a branch of a bigger one, and I'm not sure how to word this (does Kindergarten X, branch-office Y sound anywhere near right? It's "područni vrtić" in Croatian if that's any help.)

Object identification time. What do you call these is standard English (any other variation is good too, for curiosity's sake)?

What do you do with them? Ride them? Ride on them?

What does a rooster do in English? (Cats meow, dogs bark, and roosters...?)

How do you call institutions that take in abandoned children if they don't get a guardian? They usually have to leave those when they reach their legal age. Also, what are the employees who take care of children there called?

Thank you.
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