Edward (loscha) wrote in linguaphiles,

Please assist with some Japanese song names

Hi guys.
Long time listener, 2nd or 3rd time caller.

I've got some Casio Rompacks (some mid 80s keyboards have them). if you've got a moment, and you're good with the Japanese writing (which I am not), I'd be appreciative if you could give me the names of any of these songs.
They were made in 1984-6 or so, and they're "pop song" names. I don't know if they mean Japanese pop songs, or Western. A few of them sound familiar to me, but, I can't quite put my finger on it. I haven't had a chance to record them and upload them. If anyone has any requests from this, please let me know, and I'll mp3 and upload for your listening pleasure. Least I could do for anyone!

images here:
Card 1 Pic1 Card 1 Pic2 Card 2 Pic1 Card 2 Pic2

Thanks for your assistance!

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