Frank (thesparque) wrote in linguaphiles,

Spanish conditional statements

How common is it nowadays in the Spanish-speaking world to substitute the imperfect subjunctive for the conditional tense in conditional statements? That is to say, take for example, since it's the first thing that pops into my mind, this line from a Daddy Yankee song:

"Si tu sintieras lo mismo que yo, estuvieras aqui conmigo" (If you felt the same as me, you'd be here with me)

Now of course, the way I learned it in school, the second part should read "estarias aqui conmigo," but the construct as it appears in the song seems to be more common than the one I learned, as I hear it nearly everyday and it's rare for me to hear the other one.

As a matter of fact, the other day I was speaking to a coworker, and I said something using the construct with the conditional, and she didn't understand me at first. Is it becoming that rare?? Any help is appreciated, so I know whether or not I can just drop the conditional tense in sentences like this altogether. Les agradezco mucho su ayuda.

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