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Mysterious japanese text

Good day, linguapheliacs!

Some months ago, I posted here in the hopes that I might be aided in a "translation" project, and my hopes were fulfilled in a brisk and marvelous fashion. I use these quotation marks advisedly, in that my efforts then, as now, run more along the lines of intentionally-but-hopefully-hilariously mis-translating Japanese hentai comics (or as I more artfully put it, "spinning the tawdry straw of Japanese porn into the purest and most gleaming of comedy gold").

However, no matter how badly I mean to maul the original text, I do at least wish to be able to accurately and properly credit the creator of the work, and so I come to your community once more on bended knee in hopes that you might again aid me in my noble work.

Here is the text of the title page (edited in such a way as to omit any pornographic images). I suspect that some of this text denotes the title of the story, and some the creator. If any of you might be so kind as to translate it for me to that end, I would be sublimely grateful.

As a sort of advance payment for such efforts, I offer for your reading (and to some lesser extent, viewing) enjoyment the otherwise-finished work, complete with my own dialogue, at my own journal here. Needless to say, it is not safe for work, nor suitable for minors, but it is my hope that it will be enjoyed otherwise, just as the previous work which I posted with regards-to here was so widely enjoyed by the members of this community.


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