I make narcolepsy glamorous (basal_ganglia) wrote in linguaphiles,
I make narcolepsy glamorous

Basic Japanese stroke order gifs

Hi, everyone!

I was just going to update my Facebook status in Japanese, and since it's been years and years since I studied it, Googled the kanji for "nomimasu."

One of the results was this old website hosted by the University of Michigan. The "Stroke Order of Kanji at U of M" button links to a selection of kanji lessons, which include animated gifs of stroke order and pronunciation for some basic characters. There's also a kana section ("Stroke Order of Hiragana & Katakana") which does similar things. The other two sections of the site are broken.

Anyway, I know it's not great and there are probably better gif archives out there for this purpose, but I hope this site is helpful for someone who needs writing practice.
Tags: japanese

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