Eva (noirplus) wrote in linguaphiles,

I've been taking Italian lessons since January, but I had some previous knowledge of the language because I go to Italy very often, I learned basic Italian grammar and vocab by myself about a year ago and I also speak French. Recently my Italian teacher has been expressing considerable frustration due to the fact that I refuse to speak Italian with him. My language-learning method is that the speaking part comes after I've learned everything else. It is preceded by a period in which I try to write as much as possible in the target language so that I can sort out the grammar, memorize patterns, expressions, words etc. in my head. This method has worked perfectly with my English and French, but my teacher hasn't taught anyone like this before and despite having explained all this to him, he still wants me to talk. I have no idea what to do. My approach has been very successful so far and I feel comfortable with it. I don't think I'm afraid of making mistakes when I speak -- with both English and French it has taken me a while to get to the point where I can speak freely, but during that time I never felt ashamed of anything that I said and immediately knew it wasn't exactly right. On another side, I really love learning Italian and going to lessons. I'm afraid that if I forced myself to speak somehow like my teacher wants, that would take the fun out of the lessons as it's something that I don't wish to do right now. What should I do, dear linguaphiles? Should I suck it up and wait until the world magically becomes better as I've begun to speak?

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