Jessica (hola_lola1) wrote in linguaphiles,

Japanese vocab help?

Hi guys I'm working through making flash cards for some new Japanese words and phrases but I'm stuck on English translations for these phrases:

- しかたありません
- 飯より好きな
〜と/に一致する (cause maybe?)

Thanks in advance for any help :)!

p.s as a general aside, I'm really struggling with my spoken and listening abiltiies in Japanese. The vast majority of people in my class have either been to Japan or have Japanese relatives with whom they can practice. I'm trying to find speaking partners but it's difficult to find anyone who doesn't disappear. Should I just listen passively to lots of native Japanese? Or try and find a course specifically tailored for these difficulties? It's something that's plagued me these years I've studied Japanese and I know the solution is to pack my bags and head to Japan but that's not possible at the moment, but I do want to one day. Any ideas?

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