Simon Maynard (xxasimont) wrote in linguaphiles,
Simon Maynard

Grammar in a new language

I am having some huge difficulties with a new language3 I am learning. I am learning Yolngu (a NE Arhem land aboriginal language in Australia) by correspondence, and in the books and cd, there are a lot of references to things like transitive and intransitive verbs, etc. I don't understand what these are in my first language, English, so how do I work out what they are in Yolngu? I speak, read and write fluently and fairly correct grammatically, but I don't understand the grammatical terms used. I remember learning about nouns, adjectives and verbs in primary school, and I understand things like singular and plural, but the more complicated things like different kinds of verbs has me completely confused. Is there a good website or something that can help me with this? I thought I had a fairly good education, and this is not the first language I have learned (I learned French and German at school, and Italian later after I had left school), so I don't understand why I am having so much trouble here.




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