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Nepali accent when singing in Hindi?

So I watch a lot of Bollywood movies, both to improve my listening and because I just like them. As some of you probably know, they tend to have songs in them, but the actors don't sing the songs--people called playback singers do. As far as I can tell, most of them are from India, but there's one very popular playback singer (Udit Narayan, for anyone who knows about Bollywood) who's from Nepal, and apparently he's been criticized for his Nepali accent in his singing. I can tell that there's a difference between the way he enunciates and the way that some of the other playback singers say the words, but other than the way he tends to add an "-uh" onto the end of some words (especially ones that end in -k, -g, and probably some others I'm forgetting right now), I'm having a hard time telling what the specific Nepali accent is. I went on YouTube and found a few songs he's sung just in case someone knows and can give them a listen: (actually just a movie trailer, but he's the only male singing) (again, he's the only male singer) (for more of a comparison, this is a duet he did with another male singer whose first language is, as far as I can tell, Hindi, and who seems to my ears to enunciate much more clearly; Udit Narayan is the deeper voice)

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