wartwyndhaven (wartwyndhaven) wrote in linguaphiles,

Intro post; Hi I'm new here!

Konnichiwa!  I am keeping track of my efforts to learn Japanese without a teacher/classrooom in my personal LJ, and it's challenging and SO much fun for me, and I'm still at a beginner level, I know all the kana, and I'm practicing writing them, but I don't know any Kanji yet, and I've begun a community for users who are teaching themselves Japanese (no teacher/tutor or class/classroom), so that we can all help eachother!  It's called teachjapanese  There is so much out there, books, media, a DS game, online sites and programs, that w call all use to help ourselves!  Join up, we can spread the word, and this isn't one of those communities that hates people who are just learning to understand manga and anime, or for a trip, all are welcome here!
Tags: japanese

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