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stereotypical / common dog names; russian questions

I was reading a bit about the Russian writer Mikhail Bulgakov today. It was mentioned that his novel The Master and Margarita (Мастер и Маргарита) "contributed a number of sayings to the Russian language, for example, 'Manuscripts don't burn' and 'second-grade freshness'."  I was wondering what these sayings mean. I'm guessing tthat 'manuscripts don't burn' is something like "the truth will always come out." But I'm not sure what "second-grade freshness' would  be... I'm not sure if Russians name their primary school grades like the US does, so I'm not sure if it refers to the 'freshness' of youth or of something else.

Also, I read that "Sharik" (the name of a dog in one of Bulgakov's works) means "Little Balloon" or "Little Ball" and is a popular Russian nickname for a male dog. That made me wonder what other common dog names / nicknames might be (in any language). In (American) English I know we have things like "Rover", "Spot," or "doggy"... I can't, though, really think of any that are gender-specific (although "Rover" does sound a bit more mascline to me than feminine).

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