superigel (superigel) wrote in linguaphiles,

Three Languages and No Idea

Check this out: An excerpt from a German film about traffic women in North Korea. The women are speaking Korean, the narration is in German, and the subtitles are in English!

A friend of mine asked me to translate the German. She wanted to know if the English subtitles were accurate. (They're not!) Can anyone pick up any of the Korean in this?

At one point the narrator tells that the woman is comparing herself and her fellow traffic directors to flowers, and flowers must be pretty. The subtitle says she was asking a major if there were any perks to be a traffic warden during the flower comparison.

The narrator also never says anything about them being popular in American on the internet.

When the subtitles go on about being the best traffic wardens in the world, and going around the world to untangle traffic jams, the narrator is talking about clothes like jackets, gloves, and underwear.

PS - I love the music for this piece. Very grandiose communista! :D

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