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German grammar/vocab

I just started taking German, and I've got some questions that my professor (not a native speaker, unfortunately, although her husband is; I've asked her these questions and she's never gotten back to me):

1) In series, does German use the Oxford comma (or whatever it's called in German if there's a name for it)? All the examples of series I'm seeing don't have a comma between the second to last item in the series and the und. Is it ungrammatical to put a comma there?

2) A couple of vocab questions: could I use Computerfirma as "software company" or is there a better word for that? Google's translator (I know, I know) translates it as "computer company" but that could be a lot of things. I also can't figure out how to say "property management company" (basically, a company that owns a lot of properties, sometimes including strip malls, and rents spaces out to people like a landlord) and "civil servant."

3) In colloquial time, would 11:45pm be "Viertel vor zwölf nachts" or "Viertel vor null"?

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