Car (aka car-chan? XD) (carcarcarrot) wrote in linguaphiles,
Car (aka car-chan? XD)

Which language should I learn?

So, here's another "which language to learn" post.

I'm going to be on exchange to another university for a semester, and am thinking what language course(s) to take during the semester; as my own university offers the popular ones like French and German and Japanese as well, I'm considering to take one or two that aren't offered in my university. The choices are as follows:
Arabic, Filipino, Modern Greek, Ancient Greek, Modern Hebrew, Hindi, Latin and Persian.

Persian seems very interesting to me, but its orthography seems a bit hard to learn (and my concern about Arabic is somewhat similar); I'm also interested in Greek and Hebrew because for religion reason (as I'm a Christian), but I doubt it will have much help in reading the Christian Bible; Latin seems attractive too but I wonder if it will be too hard for me, as I don't know any Romance languages (although I have recently been reading Teach Yourself Spanish, but I guess it doesn't count).

As for languages that I speak, or experience of language learning, I'm a native speaker of Cantonese and know Standard Written Chinese quite well; I had been learning English for over ten years; I had Japanese lessons for two semesters; and that's about it. I'm also a linguistic student, if it helps.

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