everything is good here (please come home) (nothingsong) wrote in linguaphiles,
everything is good here (please come home)

Linguistic tattoos?

Hey all. I've been reading this community for a while but only recently joined - I'm an undergrad linguistics major in Philadelphia, fluent in only English but interested in pretty much the whole gamut of languages and language science. Anyway, does anybody have any ideas for a good linguistics tattoo? I've come up with a few ideas:

- A Babel fish (also negates the need for a future "Don't Panic"/"42" tattoo)
- A depiction of the Tower of Babel (for the linguistic and moral references, not the Judeo-Christian one)
- Something in phonetic transcription (such as /wʊDər/ to commemorate my city and the right way to say 'water' :P )

Anyone have any other ideas? I have a couple of text tattoos already, so I'm leaning more toward graphics, but I'm open to suggestion.
Tags: tattoos

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