Future Diplomat (art_house_queen) wrote in linguaphiles,
Future Diplomat

Blog Looking For Contributors

Hello everyone!

I was recently invited to join a nice little blog called Language Nerds Adventures. According to the description, the blog is dedicated to discussing all things related to language and linguistics. There are videos, polls and interactive questions and discussions. They are welcome to any and all suggestions, and right now are looking for a few new nerds to join as contributors.

There is no pay, of course, but I everything that you write, you own.

Check it out

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ETA: From the about section:

Here you will find stories and discussions that feature the effect of language on our daily lives. We are a group of self-proclaimed language nerds, but we don't talk technical terms. This is about entertainment. Any education is purely incidental.

We'd be delighted to have you share your thoughts and ideas. Blogs are more fun with audience interaction. So please join our discussions ! We don't bite.

Hope that clears things up!


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