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Interesting/weird Arabic/Farsi quotes...+ music

I'm looking for thought provoking, trippy, bizarre, ancient, or in any kind of way interesting Arabic or Persian quotes (or even just words) to etch into a poster of an elaborately decorated "middle eastern" looking woman, the point of which will be to make people ask "...but what does the writing mean?" and subsequently encourage them to investigate and turn the poster over. If any of you Arabic/Farsi speakers would be willing to lend me some of your favorites, point me in a direction where I can find some, or hell, even create some of your own (feel free to go crazy with that), I would much appreciate it! شكر/shokran/thanks!

...also, here's some music in Arabic and Farsi that is, from the little I know of middle-eastern music, a bit more modern/pop sounding than most of it. By Amine, a Morrocan/French singer, and Arash, who is Iranian/Swedish. If you've never heard Farsi, I suggest giving it a listen, I think it's particularly pretty in the third upload.

Had Lila - Amine
Kindir - Amine
Arash - Arash
Chori, Chori (Great Barrier Radio Remix) - Aneela feat. Arash (Hindi electronica)
Nari Narain - Hisham Abbas
Tags: arabic, farsi, hindi

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