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Frère Jacques in other languages--pronunciations?

Hello. I just learned about this group from lilacsigil when I asked this question on my blog. I've been crazy on languages lately, so it sounded like a good place to be. :)

I'm a children's librarian, and for our pre-school storytime, I like to sort of gently introduce foreign languages by doing Frère Jacques in several different languages (the kids compete to catch a stuffed globe, and whoever gets it draws a scroll with the song in a different language on it; then we have a little geography and sing in that language). I used a Wikipedia page, with confirmation for as many as I could get from native speakers on my blog, but that doesn't help with the pronunciation at all! I have twelve of them, about nine vetted by speakers (I probably ought to take out the other three). Also, not all of them have the back-translation, and I don't want to teach kids a song without knowing what I'm saying.


Irish hasn't been on our list of choices, because I have no idea of the pronunciation, but I thought it might be fun for our St. Patrick's Day week storytime. Wikipedia says the Gaelige is:

Aindí Leisciúil, Aindí Leisciúil,
I do luí, I do luí,
Tá sé in am bricfeasta, Tá sé in am bricfeasta,
Bí i do shuí, Bí i do shuí

Is this right? And how do I say it?

The Hindi was given as:
so rahe ho kya, so rahe ho kya
bhai john? bhai john?
jo soe pachtaaega, jo soe pachtaaega,
ab na karo vishraam, ab na karo vishraam.

A couple of speakers on my blog said that the lyrics made sense, so I guess that's all right, but I'm not sure about the pronunciation of "j" ("yoe" or "joe"?) or "ch"(English "choo-choo" or German "ach"?) And the diphthong "bh"--special pronunciation? Just basic "I'm not sure of the sounds of the language" stuff.

My old exchange sister just confirmed the Indonesian, so I can add that to my list. I have confirmations in Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, German, French (not to hard with this song!), Faroese, English, Danish, and a couple more that I can't remember just now. I'm always looking for new languages to put in the basket.


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