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Hello linguaphiles! This is the first time for me to post here but I've been following this community for a while.

I'm having an argument with one of my friends over a particular curiosity in the Tagalog language (let's name her Friend 1). Upon getting into an elevator with me and one of my friends who speaks tagalog (let's name her Friend 2), we engage in this conversation.

Friend 2: "Bababa ba?" (Is this going down?)
Me: "Bababa." (It's going down.)
Friend 1: ???

Friend 1's argument is that this sort of thing (understandable sentences composed of a repeated syllable, I suppose dependent on inflection) is something that only happens in Tagalog.

I'm trying to refute her argument by saying that surely this phenomenon could be found in other languages - but I have no luck finding anything similar except I've heard from my mum that something similar does occur in Thai.

Would any of you be able to help me get more clarification on this? I've bet £5 on this, I'm pretty sure this could happen in another language.

Many thanks!
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