Jessica (csi_vixen) wrote in linguaphiles,


Hullo. I'm very new to this comm, but I have a bit of a quandary and was told that you lovely linguists could help me.

Anyway, I'm a writer. And I want to get an Italian proverb tattoo that I think reflects the art of writing rather well. (On the inside of my left forearm in a lovely handwritten font, for those who are interested.)

The proverb is, "Se non è vero, è ben trovato." Which means, "Even if it’s not true, it’s a good story."

Or it's supposed to at any rate.

Two sources say that's what it means. Interweb translators seem to disagree. Is there anyone with Italian expertise that could help me out?

Sorry to be a pain and thank you in advance.

EDIT: There were supposed to be accents over both of the e's but I didn't know how to type them. That is fixed now.

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