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3 books for sale

I'm having 3 linguistic-related books for sale.
All three are in very good condition, no folds or scratches, only minor marks from storing. All in English language.

The Handbook of Historical Linguistics (edited by Brian D. Joseph and Richard D. Janda)
Paperback, on Amazon

Evidentiality (Alexandra Y. Aikhenvald)
Paperback, on Amazon

Modern Linguistics: English Syntax and Argumentation (Bas Aarts)
Paperback, 2nd Edition, on Amazon
Please note: I marked three headlines with a blue pen.. :(

Add shipping fee, depending on destination, (maximum will be €13 for the Joseph & Janda)
Shipping will be from Germany. I accept Paypal or bank transfer within Europe.
Email me for more information: kumquat13 at gmail dot com
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