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Two questions

So, in my novel there are two main races and one's names, main words etc are based in Japanese which I have a decent knowledge of but the other race is based on the Russian language which x-x I do not have any grasp on, but the sound and feel of the Russian language for me just speaks the race.

In any case the names of the races will translate very plainly in English. I'm hoping to use Water People for the Japanese and Land Walkers for the Russian.

I've guessed that Water People would be something along the lines of Suinin, but I could be wrong so if anyone can correct me I'd appreciate it. That's the first question I suppose, is my assumption correct?

Secondly, I used an online translater to get this: Ходок земли, for Land Walker. Can anyone romanize that for me? I can't very well use the Russian alphabet in my book and I have no concept of the Russian alphabet (yet!).

Lastly, so I guess I have three questions, can anyone point me in the direction of a good (and maybe interactive site) for learning at least the Russian alphabet if not more? (Heck I wouldn't mind one for Japanese and/or Korean either)

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