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—Yo no digo esta canción sino a quién conmigo va.

Teaching IPA

Hi everyone,

I recently had the idea of creating an IPA for Spanish presentation to give to the middle school and high school from which I graduated and a neighboring high school (though I might condense it down to just my high school—we have nine Spanish teachers, and each teacher generally has five classes).

First, I wanted to know if anyone else has done something similar of teaching Spanish-specific IPA to a group of students without any prior linguistics background, and whether you guys had any tips.

Second, I would like to write a paper of some sort documenting this endeavor, mainly with the focus of success in teaching IPA to this group of students. However, I'm not sure how to go about that—I've never written an academic paper of that scale; additionally, I'm not sure if I can stick around long enough to see it implemented. I would be teaching it across one week in the middle of May; if I don't get the study abroad position that I applied for, I may be able to implement this at the summer schools for Spanish I. What should I pay attention to? What are some things that I should or shouldn't do?

Thanks in advance!
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