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Book Recommendation

Gut Yuntif, Gut Yohr (Marie B. Jaffe)

My Yiddish prof mentioned this book in class at the end of last semester, and I was able to find a used copy. (It's out of print.) It's a transliterated 1965 collection of mostly American/British poems and songs translated into Yiddish, as well as some original poetry, and it's wonderfully fun. The contents range from Shakespeare and The Rubaiyat of Omar Kayyám to "Clementine" and "Home on the Range". I highly recommend it!

Irisheh Oigen

Ven Irisheh oigen shmeychlen,
Is dos vie a frilings tog;
In dem Irishehn gelechter
Zingt ah zieser malach dort.

Ven Irisheh zeinen freylich,
Id dos sheyn vie zumer teg;
Mit die lachendiken oigen,
Roiben zey mein hartz avek.

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