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In one of my classes, we were reading "A Dialogue on Language: between a Japanese and an Inquirer" by Heidegger, and the aesthetic concept of "iki" is discussed.  I was curious to learn more about it, so I looked around the Wikipedia page for Iki to try to get a better idea of what it meant.  However, Wikipedia is not really doing much to help me understand.

From the Wikipedia article:

An iki thing/situation would be simple, improvised, straight, restrained, temporary, romantic, ephemeral, original, refined, inconspicuous, etc. An iki person/deed would be audacious, chic, pert, tacit, sassy, unselfconscious, calm, indifferent, unintentionally coquettish, open-minded, restrained, etc.

An iki thing/person/situation cannot be perfect, artistic, arty, complicated, gorgeous, curved, wordy, intentionally coquettish, or cute.

Although the article mentions Haruki Murakami as embodying iki, I was wondering if anyone that possesses a better understanding of iki than I do could point me to other examples and images of "iki" things or people.


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