halseaon (halseaon) wrote in linguaphiles,

translation request #2

hi again my favorite incorporeal linguists!

my friend's birthday is coming up and i want send an mp3 message in mandarin! however, I need your help translating my message to pinyin (with tones). I've taken a stab at it but I think this is so wrong that it hurts... [see below for english version]

wei. ni hao he gaoxing shi san yi shengri hao! ni xihuan OLD MAN YET? wo shi dao ni shengri shi ar yue shi wu hao ke yi wo yao TIME TO PREPARE MESSAGE. hao ma xin? wo CELEBRATED zhong guo xin ar! yi zai wo de pengyou di jia he ar zai da DANCE he yinyue FESTIVAL zai PITTSBURGH. IT VERY FUNNY WHEN ni hua "pittsburgh" putongua. Wo de Yinwei pengyou THINK SOUDS LIKE PIZZA BOX. ANY LUCK FINDING A NEW JOB? SEEMS LIKE Meiguo ECONOMY shi MORE HOPEFUL. PRESIDENT OBAMA shi GAINING A STRONG, POSITIVE REPUTATION IN Meiguo. Ni INTERESTED IN POLITICS ma? Ni you FEELINGS ABOUT Meiguo de INTERNATIONAL POLICIES? Ni OWE wo PHOTOS! Wo mei you SEEN ANY PHOTOS de ni SINCE 2007! HOW LAZY ni shi!!! Ni de pengyou STILL WORKING zai "VGO" zai Guangzhou?? Wo de putonghua, hao bu hao? Wo de pengyou xin jiga FOR wo IN pinyin. Ni BETTER PRACTICE ni de yinwei! Wo lai IN shi yue. Ni hua TO Julia OR Kaicy? SAY "ni hao" TO ni de pengyou he FAMILY (jia?) FOR wo! He ni OLD BOSS (he ta shi hen ke-ai WIFE he DAUGHTER). SEND wo A LONG EMAIL WITH PICTURES!!!! SEE YA LATER ALLIGATOR.

hello and happy 31st birthday! do you feel like an old man yet!? i know your birthday is on febraury 15th but i wanted to have enough time to prepare this message. how was your new year? i celebrated chinese new year twice! once at my friend's home and the second time at a big dance & music festival in pittsburgh. it's very funny when you say pittsburgh in chinese. my english friends think it sounds like "pizza box". any luck finding a new job? it seems like the american economy is more hopeful. President Obama is gaining a strong, positive reputation in the US. Are you interested in politics? Do you have any feelings about the US international policies? You owe me photos! I haven't seen any photos from you since 2007! How lazy you are!!! Is your friend still working at VGO in Guangzhou?? How is my chinese? My friends wrote this for me in pinyin. You better practice your English! I'm coming in October. Do you still talk to Julia or Kaicy?? Say hi to your friends and family for me! And your old boss (and his very cute wife and daughter). SEND ME A LONG EMAIL WITH PICTURES!!!! See ya later alligator (or a similar chinese light-hearted ending phrase).

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