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The Sicilian Bastards

~First I want to say how much I adore this Comm. Entries here are uniformly interesting and it is a wonderful interactive research tool.

So, Imperium backstory: Francisco, the semi-exiled Bourbon King of Spain, is paid by the republican leaning government in Madrid to stay in Sicily – part of the Kingdom of Naples ruled by Francisco's cousin – and indulge his vices; food, drink, and young women.

Of course he gets one 'young women' – a fifteen year old – pregnant. The locals are a bit indignant, so the King acknowledges the child as a Royal Bastard and Madrid is quite willing to pay a stipend and confer a noble title in exchange for an official Exclusion from Succession.

But the girl is the daughter of a minor bandit chieftain and this gives the major bandit chieftains – precursors of our Mafia Dons - an idea; they begin to push their most beautiful daughters upon the King, who is more than happy to oblige. This produces over a dozen acknowledged Royal Bastards, children of 'status'.

They are known as The Sicilian Bastards and they grow up to become powerful in the Kingdom of Naples, a process with global consequence.

The Question: how would one say, in Sicilian dialect, 'the Sicilian Bastards'? The subtext here is that this is actually a 'title of power', not disrespect. Slang derivations and puns are wholly welcomed.

Thanks in advance...

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