Paul Baptist (kaji_sensei) wrote in linguaphiles,
Paul Baptist

O~~~ld German Dictionary. Advice?

About 2 years ago I was wandering a consignment shop/flea market in downtown Fredericksburg, VA, where my parents had found some old books and found an English-German/G-E dictionary printed in 1835 that the guy running the shop sold me for $40. While I've learned to read Fraktur in the interim (Yay calligraphy?), my ultimate goal is to get the contents of the book online and entered into LingWiki, and hopefully preserve the book as well, which as you can imagine shows some signs of mustiness.

Here's a couple scans I did of the cover pages and a random page in the middle while I was back home for Christmas:
German title page
English title page
Random page

Any advice on how best to handle/store/preserve the book is appreciated. On a related, note, I've also got an original copy of a book on Anglo-Saxon printed in English in 1887 that probably requires similar care, though the pages are in much better condition than those of the German dictionary.

Thanks in advance!

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