Star. (mirmarmelade) wrote in linguaphiles,

Last month's theme of Onze Taal, a magazine about the Dutch language, was the influence of English on Dutch. Besides interesting articles there was a terribly funny column, seemingly written in English but full of literal translations of Dutch idiomatic expressions, horrible mistranslations and straightforward mistakes. It was presented as a speech that had been 'farlanguaged through computer', I had quite a laugh out of it.

(source: Iktionaire 01/09: Trenglish, by Jan Kuitenbrouwer)

"I insure you, there's still enough that stands to wait us in the future!"

"Yesterday, something shot me through the head, that set me to thinking."

"I am not overdriving when I say that a hope of sayings and speechwords, by example, are remarkable uniformulous in numbers of languages."

"This is a sunclear demonstration of the fundamentous universalitude of our worldy linguistical heritage, that successively became shredded by the walk of history and its centre-escaping forces."

"Completed affairs take no turn, but when it goes around language, the facts appear to be lying different."

"It lies for the hand that we are following this trend with red ears and Argus eyes, and that we are trampling for more understudy."

"So raise we now the glass and have some toast."

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