wakwak812 (wakwak812) wrote in linguaphiles,

of (preposition)

This is a text written by non-native speakers of English. There are places where I think the use of "of" is not appropriate. Can you change them? And another thing - isn't Chivalrous culture a better term than Knight Culture?

The Development of the British Ethical Conceptual Sphere within the Bounds of the Knight Culture of the XI – XIV Centuries
The article views the structure and language representation of the British ethical conceptual sphere within the bounds of the Knight culture of the XI – XIV centuries. On the basis of the analysis of the language of poetry and the data of the dictionaries and glossaries the author makes the conclusion that the continuity of the cultural tradition is one of the inherent features of ethnogeny. The dynamics of changes of ethical conceptual spheres belonging to ethnical systems at different stages of their existence can be treated as a continuum developing on the basis of some initial cluster of properties. The Anglo-Saxon system of values served the prototype on the basis of which the knight values were introduced.

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