Cass-Cass the Great (hkitsune) wrote in linguaphiles,
Cass-Cass the Great

Making "speech errors" in your L2/3/4/etc.

So I felt super-awesome when I realized that I had somehow learned "donne-moi-z'en" and "donnez-moi-z'en" instead of "donne-m'en" and "donnez-m'en". I hadn't even realized (I suppose because it never comes up in upper-division French classes) that this is nonstandard French, but all the kids I babysit for looked at me crazy when I asked them if they would ever say "donne-m'en." And no joke, I can't really figure out why the first two sound right, even though I took a class that covered the topic...

To that end, what are your favorite nonstandard constructions that you've picked up subconsciously or intentionally, in any language?

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