The Woman Who Wanted It All (sparkofcreation) wrote in linguaphiles,
The Woman Who Wanted It All

Spanish short forms for numbers

So, I learned (as I'm sure most people do) in school that the year 1997 in Spanish is mil novecientos noventa y siete. And I learned along the way, as I'm sure most people do, that this is often shortened to just el [año] noventa y siete because let's face it, ten syllables is a lot.

However, I've recently heard two alternate shortened forms, both from Mexicans (I am 100% sure I heard correctly):
mil nueve noventa y siete
mil nos noventa y siete

Has anyone else ever heard these? Are the same or other shortened forms used in other countries? Do parallel forms exist for earlier centuries, or only for the 1900s?

Are there other languages which would most "correctly" read out the whole year, but have shortened forms? How acceptable are they? (Casual speech only? Formal speech? Writing?)

Tags: numbers, spanish

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