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Composition expressions

Hello, I need your help again! This time it's about compositions in English. I don't really have problems writing them, but sometimes I lack those useful expressions. Maybe you know a site where I can find them? Or maybe you're able to help me? I need as manz expressions as I can get in the following categories:

a) To provide a thesis or a subject I will talk about (like: "Nowadays, it is fairly common/popular...", "Recently, it has become popular for... to.../we might observe an interesting phenomenon of..." - I have some ideas here)
b) To tell people I will talk about advantages AND disadvantages ("That phenomenon has both advantages and disadvantages" seems lame)
c) To start the first argument ("first of all", "it is easy to notice"... anything more?)
d) To present other arguments that follow the first one, additions ("Moreover", "What is more", "In the same way", "Then", "...after all"?)
e) To present a contrary ("However", "On the other hand", "Although", "On the contrary"...)
f) Conclusion ("As a conclusion"?)

Also, there must be some smart words that I can use to express:
1. cause (other than "because"), 2. consequence ("so", "therefore"?), 3. aim, 4. concession ("even if", "even though", "although"...),5. hypothese ("if", "in a case that", "under the circumstance that"?), 6. explanation and giving examples ("in other words", "for example", "for instance"?), 7. alternative ("either ... or ...", "neither ... nor ..." are the standards)

Ouff. Sorry for making you waste your time, but I've searched on the Net and found almost nothing! Thanks for help.

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