miconazole (miconazole) wrote in linguaphiles,

help me with my conlang

I've been playing with an idea for a while, of a language that superficially resembles another, while being (somewhat? completely? mostly?) unintelligible to speakers of that other language. It was inspired by the lame "construct additional pylons" stage of language learning where your grammar is balls but your vocabulary is worse, and you'd be 10x better if you just knew a few more words, so basically this hypothetical language would be the reverse of that situation.

Since I speak English, I thought I'd make a new language with the working name of Super English (suggestions welcome). I'm working by these principles:

- The vocabulary should be totally English, I plan to revive a few defunct words/prefixes/suffixes/mix and match word parts that didn't go together before, but in the end everything should be recognisably Modern English
- Definitions for nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs should remain the same, and other words shouldn't drift too far from their original meaning
- As far as grammar goes, I'm thinking something heavily analytical just because English doesn't really have a whole lot of inflectional bits to work with and inventing them would go against the spirit of the language
- The main goal is to push the grammar as far away from English as possible, practicality/realism isn't really an issue since it's a fake language-thought experiment and no one's ever going to speak it anyway

So far I've got a bunch of ideas floating around in my head I may or may not use, like reappropriating prepositions for aspect markers, but I'm sure there's a bunch of cool concepts out there I haven't even heard of, and that's why I'm here. Any thoughts or suggestions? I'd love to hear them! =D We could even work on this together.

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