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Global Grid and others

Hello hello! I've been reading and trying  to understand this article but it is too difficult for me.  So I need some help from native English speakers.  Thaks in advance!  This is about the weather observation.

>Here is basically how their approach works.  For each center point in a global grid of 1-degree boxes they let all weather station data within a 1,200 kilometer radius influence the estimated temperature change at that point.

1) What is the center point?
2) "global grid" is....?
3) 1-degree boxes....are boxes meteorological equipments?

For your reference, this follows after the above sentence.

>They gave greatest "weight" to the station closest to that point; for all other stations within that radius, they let the weighting fall off linearly with distance, all the way to a weighting of zero for stations 1,200 kilometers away or farther. 

I would apprecaite it if  some of you  put the sentence in another way. Thanks.


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