the stag's daughter (doe_witch) wrote in linguaphiles,
the stag's daughter

Mandarin question

Okay, I'm a relative beginner in Mandarin, but I do know enough to know that most of the Mandarin phrases used in the show Firefly are not all that accurate or realistic. However, I'm not good enough to place exactly what's wrong with them.

For example: Ni ta ma de. Tian xia suo you de ren dou gai si.

This phrase apparently means "fuck you, and damn everyone in the universe to death," or some such, but I'm fairly certain that while ma4 can mean "to curse," it doesn't get used to mean "fuck." And the rest of the sentence I can barely parse.

Can someone tell me what's generally up with Firefly-style Mandarin, and how those sentences really ought to be translated, if they're translatable?

谢谢! (Btw, characters or pinyin are both fine, I just didn't put the above sentences into characters or pinyin because I didn't want to presume what was being aimed for.)
Tags: mandarin, television

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