aleph (lacunaz) wrote in linguaphiles,

Unknown Script Language

So I have a stone necklace that was given to be by my aunt many years ago before she died, and carved onto the back is a very unfamiliar script. I've always been curious about it, but I'd forgotten about it until very recently.

Unfortunately, as much as I have searched around on my own, I haven't been able to identify exactly which language this is. I know my aunt travelled extensively, so I can't even narrow it down to a specific region. I'm more interested in which language this, but if anyone can give me a translation that would be pretty cool too (it's most like a name; either Irene or Lorna).

I took a picture, but the carved lines showed up very faint, so I filled them in with a little help from MS Paint. Crude, but I think it did the trick. (ETA: I also scanned in the stone for those wishing to see the original script. I messed around with the brightness/contrast in order to make it stand out a little better, so hopefully this will help.)


Thanks for any help!

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