Blue One (kalagni) wrote in linguaphiles,
Blue One

Naming Question

Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but I figured it is worth a try (sorry if it's not allowed, this post can be removed if so).

In the west you have your given name, and your family name, in that order. Some cultures do it the other way, family name, then given name.

I'm specifically curious about Tibetan culture. I know China, Japan, Korea and Vietnam put the family name first, but I was wondering if it is done that way in Tibet or not (as while I know it is a distinct culture, it is none the less surrounded by cultures that proceed the given name with the family name).

For example Tenzin Wangyal, is Tenzin the given name, or the family name? I for some reason thouht that the family name was last in Tibetan, but I can't remember if I read that, or if my mind is playing Eurocentric tricks on me.

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