jasmine_signet (jasmine_signet) wrote in linguaphiles,

'Merci pour eux'?

Hey guys,

I'm reading the French version of Harry Potter to improve my reading skills, and lo and behold: in the very first paragraph - wait, not even that - THE VERY FIRST SENTENCE - I came across a phrase I could not understand, and wordreference.com could not either.

So please: what on earth does 'merci pour eux' mean? I'm guessing it means something like 'thank you very much', but I'd like something a bit more... accurate. XD;

The context is: 'Mr et Mrs Dursley, qui habitaient au 4, Privet Drive, avaient toujours affirmé avec la plus grande fierté qu'ils étaient parfaitement normaux, merci pour eux.'

Thanks in advance! -goes off to hide in shame-

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