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Cyrillic "Unwritable" Letters

 I noticed that standard Russian Cyrillic has a few letters that are hard to write by hand: Д,Г, and (somewhat) Л. When handwritten, Д looks like the respective forms of the Latin D, lowercase Г looks like a lowercase backwards s, and Л looks more similar to itself, but can easily resemble an A without the bar through it (like an upside-down V).

How did this difficulty come about? The only Latin letters I can think of that I have trouble writing is the uppercase Y (which I write like a lowercase y, except larger) and the "computerized" sans-serif form of the lowercase a (which I write like an o with a vertical bar on the side). But being that Cyrillic letters are, in most cases, equal to their lowercase version, 

I learned about this difference from the Omniglot Russian page - see the section on cursive Russian - since Russian could be considered the most famous language to use the Cyrillic alphabet, as well as the fact that the Cyrillic page didn't have a section on handwritten Cyrillic.
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