i got 99 problems but a fish ain't one (someidiot) wrote in linguaphiles,
i got 99 problems but a fish ain't one

Spanish pronouncs, just out of curiosity

When my family went on a trip to Puerto Rico, my brother jokingly applied his Spanish when he wanted to know where his wallet was. "Donde es mi dinero?" He asked me, sifting through my bag. "Yo nessicito ahora."

Now, I don't speak Spanish, and I probably didn't spell the words right, either. I knew enough, though, to notice that he'd left out a pronoun, and the language geek in me suddenly wondered how the pronoun would be applied.

I thought back to my French studies, knowing that "the" (le, la, les, etc) could be used as pronouns for objects. "J'ai oubliée mon chapeau. Je le veux maintenant." (I forgot my hat. I want it now.) Edit: Fixed the verb in that French sentence, haha

My question is, in Spanish, can el be used in the same way? If my brother wanted to be more correct, could he have said "Yo el nessicito ahora"? If not, what's the proper pronoun and how is it used?

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