Connor (fenoxielo524) wrote in linguaphiles,

Arabic borrowings/etymology

New semester means new Arabic teacher and a new idiolect of Arabic. She used the word جدول for "schedule," which I initially heard as a borrowing from English. I looked this up and, along with a Language Hat post on how there apparently is no etymological dictionary of Arabic, I found on Wiktionary that جدول comes from the root جدل. The similarity between this word and the word "schedule" is uncanny (to me at least), so I was wondering if anyone can confirm the etymology according to Wiki. Given the other definitions for جدول (creek, brook) I thought it might have been borrowed from English but assimilated to an existing word from the root جدل. Sorry if this is unclear— my thought processes regarding these things are often convoluted. Anyone have any insight?
Tags: arabic

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