Zsófi (zsozsoka) wrote in linguaphiles,

"Interference" English

It may be a stupid question, but I'm really tired now and have to finish an essay. I don't really understand what I'm reading in one of the sources. Can someone please tell me what "interference English" means here? 

"Although one may consider Chicano English a legitimate dialect of English, one cannot overlook the similarities among variations of Chicano English and "interference" English. ... For instance, some of the similar features between "interference" English and Chicano English include phonology, distinct stress patterns in speech, and intonation or prosodic patterns". (full text here)

And also (as I am already here writing this post), where should I put the quotation mark? Before or after the full stop?

Of course, the first one is more important.

Thanks in advance! :)


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