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Arabic Help

Okay so I've finally made a start on fulfilling one of my New years resolutions! (To learn another language aside from English and Jap) After much deliberation I've finally decided that I'm going to take the hard road and learn Arabic! =) So I set off to the library today to pick up some good Arabic-learning resources and came back with a textbook "Read and Speak Arabic for Beginners" and some random CD vocabulary building kit. After reading through the textbook for a while, I have realized that although the book is intended for beginners, it expects you to already know the Arabic alphabet! =/ As I have never been in much contact with Arabic before this I am completely lost. The book does feature a section in which all the charachters and their sounds are lined out, but I can't seem to identify these individual charachters within words written in Arabic. It also says somewhere in the book that the charachters change shape according to their position in the word. Oh god :O What have a got myself into! Does anyone know a good resource that is clear and understandable that I can use to learn how to read Arabic words before I jump into the world of grammar and vocabulary that this text book has to offer!

Help appreciated!
Tags: arabic, language

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