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"How are you?" and how do you answer?

"How are you?
Fine, thank you. And you?
Me too."

This is probably one of the most popular string of English conversations
for Japanese, because they are subject to learn this conversation
on their early English classes.

About 10 years ago, then Japanese Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori
visited the White House for a summit meeting with
U.S President Bill Clinton.
When he met the President, for the first time,
he tried making the usual greetings in English
to show his friendship, and said, "How are you?".

However, the Prime Minister was not familiar with
English pronouciation, and his "How are you?" actually sounded
"Who are you?" to the President and his aides,
so the President replid as a joke to him, "I'm Hillary's husband".

Then the Prime Minister responded, "Me too".

So in Japan, if you ask this quesion  How are you? to anybody, most likely, they would reply "Fine thank you, and you?". and then "Me too" is the must-phrase after that.   How about other countries? On the 1st year of  English text books, are there any other way to reply?

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