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German textbook recommendation

Hey everyone,

I have been asked to teach German to a Japanese who is being transferred to Germany for work reasons and will probably be staying for at least 5 years. Therefore, a command of the language that goes beyond being able to order in a restaurant or asking for the way is what we are going for.
The thing is that I, being a native speaker of german, never had to learn it and therefore have no clue which book to use.
I am the "old-fashioned" study type in that I like textbooks that are divided into units with a text, then grammar, then exercises .
I have worked my way through our city library, but most of the books for adult learners are very free in their style, often just consisting of exercises and vocabulary lists thrown together. I tried working with that, but can't really seem to get the knack of it - and to be honest, I simply am not comfortable with it.

Is there any textbook you could recommend?

I would really appreciate it! :D

Thank you!


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