—Yo no digo esta canción sino a quién conmigo va. (xenoamorist) wrote in linguaphiles,
—Yo no digo esta canción sino a quién conmigo va.

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My parents have been very hesitant about me majoring in linguistics because they fear that my future won't be as solid as another major, such as medicine of some sort, and they feel that I should "make the most of [my] investment in education". My plan is to become a professor of linguistics and do related research, but I also was wondering about other career paths. Does anyone have data on a career as a linguistics professor, as well as other options? (My parents don't think that there's much demand for linguistics professors, so any data disproving that would be especially helpful.) Information including salaries would be especially beneficial, as that's what they're worried about the most. I'm open to pretty much all career paths.

Thanks in advance!

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