panzeleche (panzeleche) wrote in linguaphiles,

Native American languages

Does anybody here know of any good, preferably free online resources to learn Native American languages? It could be any of the languages, really (the only ones I know of are Cherokee and Navajo). The USA government should take more effort into preserving those languages as they are the true American languages, not English.

I have an interest in learning something of them since it's rare to hear discussion about them. I know they're tonal and apparently quite difficult to learn, but it doesn't discourage me (besides, I don't plan on becoming completely fluent or anything; I'd like to learn the grammar and some words).

On a vaguely related note, does anybody know about Yoruba and Fon? Angelique Kidjo sings in these languages and I'd like to learn more about them (yay, music!).

Thanks in advance to those that respond!
Tags: language, navajo

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