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Romany dialect?

Okay, this is an incredible long shot and I really doubt anyone is going to know the answer, but I'll never know if anyone does if I don't ask. So a few years ago I saw the movie The Fearless Vampire Killers (or rather, it was on in the room I was in while I was doing something else). At one point, the main characters go to visit some Rom to get information, and even though I was heavily focused on some assignment for another class and was listening to a Hindi song on my iPod, I realized that I could semi-understand the Romany that was being spoken without looking at the subtitles (nothing too fancy and I don't remember the words now, but I definitely got it at the time). Nothing too special, since I know that it's related to Hindi, but I was wondering first if anyone's seen the movie (it's up on YouTube, but for some reason I can't seem to find the part I'm talking about even though I know it exists) and if so if anyone either knew or had suggestions on how to find out what dialect the Rom in the movie use. My guess, based on Wiki, would be either Balkan or Carpathian Romany (and I'm leaning toward Carpathian because Stoker's Dracula lived in the Carpathians), but I'd really like to know for sure and apparently both are spoken in parts of Romania.

I will be forever grateful if anyone will tell me.
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